House fellowship Department

We do not currently have any active house fellowship groups. If you are interested in hosting the house fellowship in your house, and are committed to supporting the house fellowship by visiting your neighbours and inviting people to attend on consistent basis, please contact the Pastor Godwin Arikibe.

Ushering Department

The ushering department is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the congregation feels welcomed and comfortable during the service.

Finance Department

This department is responsible for managing the monetary aspect of the Redemption Parish’s operation.

Follow-up,Visitation and Hospitality Department

The main responsibility of the follow-up department is to minister to newcomers as well as new converts and ensure they have a satisfactory beginning in the church. This would involve encouraging such to partake in the believers’ or converts’ class to help them with the basics they require to start the journey and carry on in the faith. The department team are dedicated to seeing to the spiritual welfare of regular members who have been absent from church or who need encouragement and demonstrate the love of Christ through praying and visitation.

Children’s Department

This department is responsible for teaching children aged 2-12 years old and equipped them for a fulfilled Christian life using appropriate activities, experiences, praise, worship, biblical instructions and prayer. All teachers are CRB checked.

Intercessory or Prayer Team

The intercessory team is dedicated to praying for the members, the leaders both in the local church, the RCCG and the nation amongst others prayer needs. They intercede for the church, its members, the local community and the nation as a whole.

Choir Team

This team relay the alter and instill the fear of God in us enabling us to become worshippers. They are responsible in offering true worship to God through music and leading the congregation in corporate worship to God during services

Sunday school Team

This team active role in the teaching arms of the church, although they have a very interesting name, their duties includes preparing and delivering many teaching aspect of the church, such as the adult Sunday school which looks at the serious biblical issues which may not be easily dealt with on the pulpit, with each participant given the opportunity to ask question.