Natural Groups

Men’s Group

The Men’s group is where all the men in the church unite together to form a partnership and help develop the church as well as their individual self. Meetings are held on a frequent basis to discuss certain various topics including health, business, marriage and finance to name a few in order to aid the fulfillment of the purpose of Man.

Women Group

This women’s group consists of a team dedicated women of various ages and ethnicities who pray together, share thoughts, interact and bear each other’s burdens. They also fellowship together as well as share experiences on various topics and issue such as caring for the children amongst others. They proudly call themselves “women in His presence”.

Youth and Singles

The youth and singles  nurtures single brothers and sisters so that they may grow into a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ in their daily lives while serving as well as supporting one another. The group is also set up with the aim of supporting and guiding singles in selecting a Godly spouse for themselves in direction with God's mandate not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.